Ultracompact Surfaces

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of the raw materials used in the production of glass, latest-generation porcelain tiles and quartz surfaces. It is a new and innovative material that is paving the way for the future of surfaces for architecture and design.

Exclusive Particle Sintering Technology (PST) is used to create Dekton. This is a technological process that is an accelerated version of the metamorphic changes that natural stone undergoes through exposure to high pressure and high temperatures over thousands of years. Dekton’s excellent mechanical properties offer infinite design and manufacturing possibilities (it can be manufactured in large formats 320 cm x 144 cm), making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Dekton is an ideal material for kitchens, bathrooms, façades, wall cladding, and high traffic floor areas.

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Dekton® Advantages

The Dekton®´s versatility and extensive customization options allow designers and architects to make their ideas a reality.

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Highly UV resistant
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Scratch resistant
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Resistant to stains
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Maximun resistance to fire and heat
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Resistant to abrasion
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Resistance to freezing and thawing
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Superior mechanical resistance
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Low water absorption
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Dimensional stability
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Fireproof material
the most outstanding of Dekton®
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The Collection

Four series of Dekton® colours that cover all design needs, from avant-garde textures and veins to colour ranges for everyday use in large surfaces.
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Range of thicknesses

Dekton® is offered in slabs of varying thicknesses that can be adapted to your design based on the application. Outperforms the most complex designs without cutting limitations
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Dekton Slim

Discover the new Dekton® Slim, an ultra-thin 4mm material that offers great performance as a wall covering, kitchen and bathroom furniture. Its characteristics make it easy to install.
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Natura & Opera

Opera and Natura are inspired by the current desire for marble interiors and take inspiration from the elegant marble and its light grey veining over creamy and white surfaces.
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Stonika Collection

Stonika brings together six colors of hyper-realistic beauty inspired by the force of nature. Intense veins and bold colors make Stonika a perfect collection to innovate anywhere.
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Industrial Collection

Dekton´s Industrial series was created to pay tribute to the beautiful imperfections of the metals and stone in all their different stages of ageing.
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Ultra size

Dekton® is offered in large-format slabs that open up avenues of design that had previously been unthinkable. Leads any architectural or design project without limitations.
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Dekton® has been designed to withstand ultraviolet rays and temperature changes, keeping its properties intact and its colours unaltered.


Dekton® offers distinct options for anchoring systems for ventilated facades and rainscreens.


The main features of Dekton® give it the versatility to adapt to both interior and exterior applications.

More about Dekton®

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of Dekton® colors.

Dekton® offers more than 40 colors across eight collections.

Dekton®, certified

Dekton® presents a 10 years warranty. A extra reason to provide with confidence to the consumer.

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